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I know it’s tempting to list with the agent who has given you the highest market evaluation price, but you should be aware that nobody can get you more than the market will bear. I could give you and inflated price just to get your listing, but if your home is overpriced, it will certainly hinder the sale.
The way to choose your real estate agent is to decide which one will give your home the greatest exposure to the market.
Now, other agents may tell you that they don’t need Talking House.
 My belief is that many agents can not or will not spend the extra money.
To give your property every chance to sell .
They just want to list it in the MLS and hope it sells. I just don’t work that way.
If you list with me, in addition to doing all the normal things that you would expect from an agent. I will also make your home a Talking House. I would be telling potential home buyers, about the wonderful things that make your home special.
Harnessing the power of internet print media and talking house to bring the message out, that your home is for sale. I’ll attract those drive-by prospects who, for one reason or another, might not be motivated to call on your home base on the yard sign alone.

Consequently I’ll be showing your home more frequently to prequalified prospects, so I’ll sell it faster.   And it won’t cost you a penny extra for this service. I think every home deserves the added exposure of Talking House, so I’ll provide it to you at no additional cost.

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